Some of the pictures used here on Ken's site have a very special meaning to
our family. They were taken at "Camp," which was just an old farmhouse out
in the country that Mac's folks used on weekends and in the summers ever
since he was a little boy. It had an outhouse, no running water and no
electricity. The creek ran in front of the back porch, which was a short
distance down the meadow from the farmhouse. In the picture, you can see
the bridge and the creek, as well as the farmhouse that is in the middle of
the trees in the valley. It was our "Piece of Heaven on Earth." Mac and I
loved it, and so did the children - especially Ken.

The one picture with the rocks shows the "point," which was where Mac was
standing to take the picture on the main page. The point was a special place
for one of our family traditions. When we arrived at Camp, the first thing
we did was to hike up to the point. It was also the last thing we did before
we left Camp. It was sort of like saying "Hello" and "Goodbye" until the
next time. That's Ken's backpack lying there on the top rock and his
"hills" you see in the background. The Camp pictures were taken that last
summer before he became ill, so they are very special to us.

Mac's folks didn't own Camp. They had rented it all those years. The man
who owned it had a fence all around it because he had cows, and the cows
used to be all over the meadow and across the creek on the other hill. The
owner died some years ago, and the cows and the farmhouse were gone long
before Ken's last visit there. However, his memories remained. He had
learned to fish in that creek and had gone boating and swimming in it. The
cemetery where Ken is buried is not far from where you turn down the road to
get to Camp. When Ken was so ill, he said he knew he'd be fishing there all
the time, and I'm sure he is.

© 2002 Lynn McCurdy

I think of my yesterdays
And I can recall,
The days full of wonder
Of when you were small.

The laughter, the sweetness
The joy, the all,
The days filled with sunshine
Of when you were small.

Your smile - so wide, your eyes - so large,
And you - not tall,
My days filled with happy
Of when you were small.

©1999 Lynn McCurdy

A butterfly lights upon a flower
Sprinkled with dew,
Then it gently flies off
In search of something new.

Little butterfly
So fragile and pastel,
Wonít you stay and visit
With me for awhile?

Lovely little butterfly
With a smile upon my face,
I watch in awe your delicacy
Given by Godís grace.

Wings soft as silk
You glide away,
As longingly I watch in sadness,
I want you so to stay.

©1998 Lynn McCurdy
Forever Young

Forever young
He will stay,
In my thoughts,
In my mind,
In my heart.
With his spirit
Flying free,
Wild as the wind,
Soft as the breeze,
Gentle as the rain.

© 1999 Lynn McCurdy
Deuteronomy 3:27 Go up to the top of Pisgah and look west and north and south and east. Look at the land with your own eyes, since you are not going to cross Jordan.

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