As long as thereís a heaven,
Iíll think of you.

As long as thereís an ocean,
Iíll think of you.

As long as there are rivers to run
And a shining sun,
Iíll think of you.

With every newborn baby's cry,
Every sigh and each goodbye,

I'll think of you.

With every song
And each new dawn,
Iíll think of you.

With every spring
And each new dream,
Iíll think of you.

As long as thereís a me,
I'll remember you.

© 1995 Lynn McCurdy

To see the leaves of fall
So splendid in their many colors,
How beautiful they are!

Go slowly, love,
For you are fragile yet,
Your soul must mend,
Its spirit to rise and fly.

Creeping wisps of gentle violet
Surround my grief,
The spattering of raindrops
Hit upon the windowpane,
Reminding me that youíre
Not here, yet once again.

How long, I ask
To miss this boy?
This man-child that I love so much?
Donít despair, came back my answer,
For you will meet him there.

© 2002 Lynn McCurdy

In the swirling mists of my despair,
I see you there.
Standing straight and tall
Never sick again at all.

You smile, you grin,
You wave at me,
You turn to go.
"Wait!" I cry, for I love you so!

"Iím with you, Mom,"
I hear you say.
"Iím beside you
Every single day."

Just know I miss you, Son,
I say your name and weep.
But with a lighter step each day
I know your love I keep.

© 2002 Lynn McCurdy
Song For My Boy

Listen! Do you hear?
The sweet sounds of music
Whistling in the air,
All around me
I can hear so clear!

Listen! Do you hear?
The birds who fly above me
Singing out their song,
"I am free,
Come and be with me!"

Listen! Do you hear?
The lake that softly whispers
As it gently touches shore,
All these sounds of silence
Arenít so silent anymore!

Listen! Do you hear?
All the sounds of nature
That were always here before,
I just didnít hear it
Because of you, I hear it more!

I just didnít hear them.
Now, I hear them more!

© 2002 Lynn McCurdy
"To Live In the Hearts Of Those We Love Is Not To Die"
~ Gladys Taber

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